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KSRTC’s ‘Chunkz’ fangirl revealed

Rosmy of Kottayam cherishes a bus plied with the aid of the an awful lot-berated Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). Her undeterred pursuit of her favorite bus had these days pressured the officers of the public transporter to revoke its switch to depot and return it to vintage station at Erattupetta. Her frantic calls enquiring approximately it had gone viral on social media.

“I am literally partial to the KSRTC bus. I take that bus each day to reach home. I could not even consider that bus being taken away. I best have accurate reminiscences associated with the bus. Hence made the decision, however I in no way idea the communique could emerge as this viral,” she informed

The splendid love affair came to light when an inspector on the Aluva KSRTC depot received a name from an unidentified woman. The woman, who claimed to be a regular passenger at the path, said that she was shattered when she heard that the bus become taken far from Erattupetta.

She had referred to as the Aluva depot after she enquired approximately the bus at the Erattupetta depot. The KSRTC inspector, C T Johny, attempted to explain that the enterprise commonly shifts the buses from depot to depot but the caller would have none of it. “That bus turned into our heart, sir,” she became heard pronouncing within the recorded smartphone verbal exchange that has long gone viral. “Why did you need to take it away? Was the Aluva depot so deprived?”

Johny changed into clueless within the beginning. Then the caller explained that she changed into speaking about the RSC 140 Venad bus that had been plying on the Erattupetta-Kaippalli-Kottayam-Kattappana route. Johny stated that the company would have arranged for another bus. “Who wishes another bus! You can exchange the motive force or conductor but now not our bus. That changed into the bus we have been visiting every day. We are all involved approximately it,” said the caller who diagnosed herself as a diploma student.

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