Venu Nagavalli Died – Actor and Director Venu Nagavalli Passed Away


Venu Nagavalli Died – Actor and Director Venu Nagavalli Passed Away

Venu Nagavally, an actor, screenwriter and director of Malayalam cinema,died at Thiruvananthapuram.  He is the son of the renowned writer Nagavally R.S. Kurup. He has acted in around 50 films and directed a dozen of Malayalam movies. He was admitted to the KIMS hospital due to liver related problems, and died in the morning at 1.30 am, His wife Meera and son Vivek were with him at that time. Body will bring to his home at Kowadiar today and the date of funeral will decide later.


He Acted in films Ulkkadal, Shalini Ente Kootukari, Chillu, Omanathinkal, Lekhayude maranam oru flash back, Meena Masathile Sooryan, Arante mulla Kochu mulla, Adaminte Variyellu, Devadas, Vartha , etc. He Entered in to the direction field with the Super hit film ‘Sukhamo Devi’, Thereafter he directed the following films Sarvalalashala, Ayitham, Lal Salam, Aye Auto, Ayirappara, Agni Devan, Raktha Sakshikal Sindabad. He Did the Screen Writing for the Films, Kilukkam, Artham, Aham, Bharya Swantham Suhurthu and Sukhamo Devi.

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